QSC TouchMix 8 Compact Digital 12-Channel Mixer

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QSC TouchMix 8 Compact Digital 8 Channel Mixer

The TouchMix Series offers musicians, production professionals and live performance venues the power and capability of a large format console in a highly portable, fully integrated, affordable and easy to use product.

Just as digital cameras offer advanced features to meet the needs of highly skilled professional photographers with "point and shoot" features to assist novice users in achieving optimum results, the TouchMix-8 (12 input channels) and TouchMix-16 (20 input channels) provide the user a choice of Advanced Mode operation that offers total control over all parameters or Simple Mode that provides only the most essential controls.

"Big Mixer" Features
TouchMix Series "no asterisk" specifications include 4-band, fully parametric EQ with both variable hi-and lo-pass filters, as well as comprehensive dynamics processing on each input channel. Four mix busses feed four internal, professional, digital effects processors. Comprehensive dynamics, graphic EQ, hi- pass, lo-pass and notch filters and delay are available on both the main and aux outputs and there are 8 DCA groups with mutes as well as 8 mute groups. With four (TouchMix-8) or ten (TouchMix-16) auxiliary output channels, TouchMix also has ample stage monitor mixing capability. Both models have the ability to drive multiple, wired stereo in-ear monitors directly.

Fast, Professional Results
TouchMix features a comprehensive library of Channel Presets, created specifically for the unique requirements of live sound reinforcement. Designed by veteran live sound engineers utilizing all types of instruments, popular microphones and pickups as well as multiple types of speakers systems, these presets help the user achieve great results quickly. The mixers' onboard Effects Wizard guides the user through the selection and assignment of appropriate effects while the Gain Wizard continuously monitors and displays input clipping. TouchMix also comes with a comprehensive library of complete Mixer Scenes, and all user parameters of any mix can be saved, both internally and via USB drive.

Compact and Complete
The TouchMix Series models are completely self-contained and require no external PC or video display. The graphic, color touch-screen provides access to all mix parameters along with a physical rotary encoder and hardware buttons. The available Remote Control App for iOS devices controls all mixer parameters and the included USB Wi-Fi adapter creates the network connection between the mixer and the hand-held device. No external network hardware is required. The mixer is also capable of direct recording to an external USB hard drive in 32-bit broadcast wave format. Tracks can be played back on the mixer or imported into most DAW software for over-dubs and post-production. TouchMix Models also come complete with their own padded carrying case, for transport and protection.

TouchMix 8 Features:

  • Inputs: 8 Mic/Line (XLR/TRS Combo), 2 Stereo line (TRS), USB 2-track
  • Outputs: 4 Aux (XLR), 1 Stereo (TRS), Main R/L (XLR), Cue/Monitor (TRS)
  • TRS Aux outs drive wired In Ear Monitors (IEM) directly.
  • 4-band full parametric EQ, variable high-pass and low-pass filters on all input channels.
  • Gate and compressor on all input channels.
  • 4 professional quality stereo DSP effects plus a pitch corrector.
  • 1/3 octave graphic equalization, limiters, delay and notch filters on main and aux. outputs.
  • 8 DCA and 8 Mute groups.
  • Color, capacitive touch screen graphical user interface combined with hardware controls for fast and intuitive operation.
  • Wizards, info and preset libraries assist the user with channel setup, effects selection and more.
  • Direct to hard-drive recording and playback of multi-track wave files. Capable of recording all input channels plus a user-selected stereo output pair.
  • Remote control via mobile devices. Wi-Fi interface included.

Version 3.0.08137 Features / Improvements (Mixer)

  • Version 3.0.08137 is a major feature and functionality update for the TouchMix-8 and TouchMix-16. It implements many features from the TouchMix-30 Pro.
  • Updated graphics.
  • Direct download of future updates (requires mixer connection to internet).
  • Real Time Analyzer (RTA)
  • PEQ frequency graph now expands to full screen when RTA is off.
  • Added "Channel Safe" function that prevents designated channels from changing when a scene is recalled.
  • The "Omit levels" function on the Preset page now also omits group assignments. Presets can be recalled without effecting mute group, sub group and DCA group assignments.
  • Added Tablet Follows Mixer mode. When engaged, touching any fader on the mixer will cause the tablet to display the channel screen associated with that fader. The mixer’s data wheel will control the last parameter that was touched on the mixer or the screen. Requires TouchMix-30 Control App update.
  • Added direct access to Aux mixes with buttons on left of screen.
  • Added MP3 file player.
  • Increased output anti-feedback filters to eight. Added Anti-Feedback Wizard.
  • All outputs now have 6-band PEQ and 1/3 octave GEQ.
  • Added Room Tuning Wizard.
  • Added balance control to FX returns.
  • Added support for Tap Tempo setting of effects delay from mixer or tablets.
  • Added tunings for QSC E-Series and K.2 loudspeakers.
  • Auxes 7/8 and 9/10 may now be switched to balanced mono mode (TouchMix-16 only).
  • Added Copy and Paste functions as on TouchMix-30 Pro.
  • Added USB drive format utility.
  • Input channel Digital Gain range is now +/-15 dB.
  • Added100 msec. input channel delay.
  • Updated demo mode slide show.
  • Updated Info System to include new features. English only available with this release. Update for other languages forthcoming.

Known Issues

  • The Info System includes only English for this release. Translated Info pages will be included in an upcoming release.
  • DCA control of the Aux. 9/10 output level is inoperative. There is no work-around. The issue will be remedied in an upcoming maintenance release.
  • On iPad version 3.0.12 and Android version 3.0.08117 the Room Tuning Wizard buttons show up on Auxes 7/8 and 9/10 (TouchMix-16 only). The Room Tuning Wizard does not function on these outputs because there is no graphic EQ. Attempting to engage it will result in a crash of the app. Mixer operation is not effected. The issue will be remedied in an upcoming maintenance release.
  • Under rare conditions, some controls that are normally present on the Setup screen may not display. If this is encountered the problem can be overcome by touching the Prev (Previous) button and then touching the Next button to navigate back. The issue will be remedied in an upcoming maintenance release.

New Features / Improvements (Control App)

  • Android version 3.0.08117
  • iOS version 3.0.12
  • Support for new features and improvements to mixer software.
  • Includes eight user buttons.


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