Meyer Sound UPQ-D2 Large Point-Source Loudspeaker with Weather Protection and 3-Pin XLR

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Meyer Sound UPQ-D2 Large Point-Source Loudspeaker with Weather Protection and 3-Pin XLR

The UPQ-D2 offers a focused beamwidth, which yields precise coverage and minimal interaction with walls and neighboring loudspeakers in arrays. This feature makes it an ideal solution for small to mid-sized venues, houses of worship, theaters, and nightclubs—as either a stand-alone loudspeaker or as part of an array. The Constant-Q horn’s smooth and accurate performance, the result of meticulous research in Meyer Sound’s anechoic chamber, exhibits a remarkably consistent beamwidth in both the horizontal and vertical planes across a wide frequency range of 1–18 kHz. The UPQ‑D2 horn also delivers uniform attenuation for all frequencies outside the specified beamwidth.


  • Wide horizontal pattern covers broad listening areas and focused vertical pattern allows precise coverage
  • Highly energy efficient amplifier with sophisticated digital signal processing that provides extraordinarily flat amplitude and phase response for tonal accuracy and precise imaging
  • Integral stand mount and QuickFly mounting options facilitate rigging
  • Constant-Q horn affords uniform response throughout coverage area
  • Exceptional size to power ratio provides application flexibility
  • Consistent and predictable performance ensures accurate system design


  • Acoustical:
    • Operating Frequency Range: 55 Hz – 18 kHz
    • Frequency Response: 58 Hz – 18 kHz ±4 dB
    • Phase Response: 80 Hz – 18 kHz ±45°
    • Linear Peak SPL: 138 dB with 19 dB crest factor (M-noise), 134.5 dB (Pink noise), 137 dB (B-noise)
  • Coverage:
    • Horizontal Coverage: 50° horizontal x 50° vertical (-6 dB)
    • Vertical Coverage: 60° horizontal x 60° vertical (-10 dB)
  • Transducers:
    • Low Frequency: One high-power 15-inch cone driver with neodymium magnet; 2 Ω nominal impedance
    • High Frequency: One 4-inch diaphragm compression driver; 8 Ω nominal impedance
  • Audio Input:
    • Type: Differential, electronically balanced
    • Maximum Common Mode Range: ±15 V DC, clamped to earth for voltage transient protection
    • Connectors: XLR 3-pin female input with male loop output
    • Input Impedance: 10 kΩ differential between pins 2 and 3
    • Wiring:
      • Pin 1: Chassis/earth through 220 kΩ, 1000 pF, 15 V clamp network to provide virtual ground lift at audio frequencies
      • Pin 2: Signal +
      • Pin 3: Signal -
      • Case: Earth ground and chassis
    • Nominal Input Sensitivity: 0 dBV (1.0 V rms) continuous is typically the onset of limiting for noise and music
    • Input Level: Audio source must be capable of producing of +20 dBV (10 V rms) into 600 Ω to produce the maximum peak SPL over the operating bandwidth of the loudspeaker.
  • Amplifier:
    • Type: Two-channel, Class-D
    • Total Output Power: 2250 W peak
    • THD, IM, TIM: < 0.02%
    • Cooling: Convection
  • AC Power:
    • Connectors: PowerCON 20 input with loop output
    • Automatic Voltage Selection: 90–265 V AC, 50–60 Hz
    • Safety Rated Voltage Range: 100–240 V AC, 50–60 Hz
    • Turn-on and Turn-off Points: 90 V AC turn-on; no turn-off; internal fuse-protection above 265 V AC
  • Current Draw:
    • Idle Current: 0.27 A rms (115 V AC); 0.25 A rms (230 V AC); 0.29 A rms (100 V AC)
    • Maximum Long-Term Continuous Current (>10 sec): 2.0 A rms (115 V AC); 1.0 A rms (230 V AC); 2.3 A rms (100 V AC)
    • Burst Current (<1 sec): 3.6 A rms (115 V AC); 1.8 A rms (230 V AC); 4.1 A rms (100 V AC)
    • Maximum Instantaneous Peak Current: 7.8 A pk (115 V AC); 4.0 A pk (230 V AC); 9.1 A pk (100 V AC)
    • Inrush Current: < 20 A peak
  • Physical:
    • Dimensions: W: 19.00 in (483 mm) x H: 28.15 in (715 mm) x D: 18.18 in (462 mm)
    • Weight: 95 lb (43 kg)
    • Enclosure: Premium multi-ply birch with slightly textured black finish
    • Protective Grille: Powder-coated, hex-stamped steel with black mesh
    • Rigging: Aluminum end plates on top and bottom with metric M10 threaded points; integral 1.5-inch (38 mm) pole mount receptacle on bottom


Standard Weather Protection

Meyer Sound designs toward an IP rating of IPX4 (see “IP Ratings” on page 37) for Standard Weather Protection, which includes the following components:

  • Wood treatment—Prior to cabinet manufacturing, the raw wood receives a special treatment that penetrates and stabilizes the wood fibers to withstand a wide range of temperatures and exposure to extreme humidity.
  • Cabinet finishing—The assembled cabinets receive a highly impervious finish that includes a sealing primer and a finishing topcoat. The coatings are applied on both surfaces, with one coat on the interior and two on the exterior. The final step is a two-part modified acrylic urethane similar to that used in military applications.
  • Driver treatment—All cone drivers are coated with a water-resistant sealant.
  • Exterior protection—Grille frames are coated to resist corrosion, and all components that mount to the cabinet use custom gaskets and stainless steel fasteners.
  • Removable rain hood—The rain hood is designed to shield connectors even in wind-driven rain.


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