Tascam CDRW-900SX Professional Rackmount CD Recorder/Player

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Tascam CDRW-900SX Professional Rackmount CD Recorder/Player

Unique and powerful features offer professional functionality, quality, and control.

The CD-RW900SX is for professional CD recording and playback applications. As a CD recorder, this includes final mastering, dubbing from any external source, archiving audio and more. As a CD player, applications include music and dialog playback for industrial facilities, retail and business applications, house of worship, retail environments and more. The CD drive is built to withstand constant use and is high in durability and reliability. Other features include rich playback functions that enable the device to be used as professional-level CD player.

CD Recorder That Meets the Demands of Professionals

Independent input trim controls for Left and Right and Digital Input Trim: Both the left and right analog inputs have their own analog input gain controls. In addition, the digital input can be controlled for optimal recording levels from a digital source.

Selectable Track Division Functions: The CD-RW900SX has a variety of track division functions.

Automatic Track Division:

  • DD(digital direct): Detects a track boundary and divides the track when recording digitally from MC or CD.
  • Time (Time track increment): Time-based track creation can be set every 1-10 minutes. This method is preferred in some applications like conference recording, or when there is no gap between segments such as recording music.
  • Level: A track marker can be created based on the input level, adding a new track when the input falls below a specified level (from -24 to -72dB).

Manual Track Division: A new track can be written manually by pressing the RECORD key while the unit is in record mode.

Various Other Functions for More Versatility:

SRC (sampling rate converter) accepts different incoming frequencies from the coaxial and optical inputs.

Synchronized recording will begin automatically when a signal is received and will stop when the signal ends. The rec mute function allows instant cut-off the input signal and records four seconds of silence on the disc.

Fade-in and fade-out recording and other various useful functions have been added to the CD-RW900SX for more versatility.

Comprehensive Playback Features Create the Ideal Professional CD Player

In addition to recording, the CD-RW900SX is a full-featured and industrial grade CD player. Functions including auto-cue, auto-ready, pitch and key control, power-on playback, repeat function including A-B repeat and single/program/random playback.

Transport Control via P/S2 Keyboard: It is also possible to control the transport via a P/S2 keyboard (sold separately).

Shockproof Memory Prevents Skipping Due to Vibration: A RAM buffer stores audio data in memory to ensure smooth playback, even if a shock or vibration lasts for up to four seconds.

Equipped for audio use CD transport with specially-designed firmware

Slot-loading Transport With Gapless Continuous Recording:

The new transport was designed for audio use – not a re-packaged computer drive.

Improved firmware allows the transport to write track markers without a gap, for seamless continuous live recordings.

Disc Forced Ejection (emergency) Function:

If pressing the EJECT key does not eject the disc because the CD is defective, there is a key hole to force the disc to eject.

A Selection of Inputs and Outputs to Fit Any System Design

Unbalanced analog and S/PDIF coaxial and optical connections are provided for connection flexibility.

Features at a glance

  • Main features
    • Recording features
      • Independent input level controls provides versatile level control
      • Automatic track division (level, time or manual)
      • Gapless continuous recording
      • Sync recording function
    • Playback features
      • Auto cue, Auto ready
      • VSA/Pitch/Key control playback
      • Power on play
    • Supported media: CD-R, CD-R-DA, CD-RW, CD-RW-DA
    • RCA analog unbalanced inputs/outputs
    • COAXIAL and OPTICAL digital input/output (IEC60958-3:S/P DIF)

Other Features

  • Rec-mute function: Recording four seconds of silence on the disc
  • Fade-in/Fade-out recording function (1 to 30 seconds, 1 second increments)
  • Selectable maximum recording track numbers
  • SRC (sampling rate converter) on coaxial and optical digital inputs
  • Time display switching (elapsed track/disc time, remaining track/disc time)
  • Four playback modes (continuous, single, program, random)
  • MP3 file playback (data-CD)
  • Erase function: Erase selected track or disc (for CD-RW)
  • Un-finalize function (for CD-RW): Erase TOC information of finalized CD-RW
  • CD-text editing support
  • Shockproof memory (4 seconds)
  • Disc force ejection (emergency) hole in slot so that a pin or paperclip can easily eject the disc.
  • 6.3mm (1/4") Headphone output (20mW/Ch)
  • PS/2 keyboard (sold separately) connection for remote control or entering a title
  • 3-pole AC socket with a detachable AC cable
  • Wireless remote control unit (RC-RW900) included
  • 2U EIA rack-mountable

Included Items

  • Main unit x1
  • Power cord x1
  • RC-RW900 remote control unit x1
  • AAA batteries for the remote control unit x2
  • Rackmount screw kit x1
  • TASCAM ID registration guide x1
  • Owner's Manual including warranty x1


  • Supported disc types: CD-R, CD-R-DA, CD-RW, CD-RW-DA (High Speed CD-RW is supported)
  • Playback disc formats: CD-DA, CD-ROM ISO9660 LEVEL 1/2 Joliet format, multisession discs and CD-text
  • Playback file formats:
    • CD-DA: 44.1kHz, 16-bit, stereo
    • MP3: 44.1kHz, 64k to 320kbps, VBR
  • Recording file formats:
    • CD-DA: 44.1kHz, 16-bit, stereo
  • Analog inputs:
    • Unbalanced:
      • Connector: RCA pin jack
      • Input impedance: 22kΩ ±10% (unbalanced)
      • Reference input level: –10dBV (Full scale –16dB)
      • Minimum input level: –19dBV (adjustable level at Full Scale –16dB)
  • Analog outputs:
    • Unbalanced:
      • Connector: RCA pin jack
      • Output impedance: 200Ω ±10% (unbalanced)
      • Level: –10dBV ±2dB (Full scale –16dB)
      • Maximum output level: +6dBV ±2dB
  • Digital input:
    • Coaxial:
      • Connector: RCA pin jack × 1
      • Format: IEC60958-3 (S/PDIF)
    • Optical:
      • Connector: TOS LINK
      • Format: IEC60958-3 (S/PDIF)
  • Digital output:
    • Coaxial:
      • Connector: RCA pin jack
      • Format: IEC60958-3 (S/PDIF)
    • Optical:
      • Connector: TOS LINK
      • Format: IEC60958-3 (S/PDIF)
    • Connector: 6.3 mm (1/4") stereo phone jack
    • Output power: 20mW + 20mW or more (32Ω loaded)
  • Keyboard:
    • Connector: Mini DIN 6 pin(PS/2)
  • Other:
  • Power:
    • 120 VAC, 60Hz (North America)
    • 230 VAC, 50Hz (Europe)
    • 240 VAC, 50Hz (Australia)
  • Power consumption:
    • 16 W (North America)
    • 18 W (Europe, Australia)
  • Dimensions:
    • 482.6(W) × 94(H) × 309(D) mm
    • 19.0(W) × 3.7(H) × 12.2(D) inch
  • Weight:
    • 4.2 kg / 9.3 lb

Audio performance

  • Frequency response:
    • playback: 20Hz to 20kHz, ±0.8dB
    • recording: 20Hz to 20kHz, ±1.0dB
  • S/N ratio:
    • playback: 95dB
    • recording: 90dB
  • Dynamic range:
    • playback: 95dB
    • recording: 90dB
  • Distortion:
    • playback: 0.00006
    • recording: 0.00008
  • Channel separation:
    • playback: 90dB (1kHz)
    • recording: 80dB (1kHz)
  • Wow and flutter: Immeasurable (0.001% or less)


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