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Unfortunately the Roland 61 Key Combo Organ is no longer available. This page is here for reference. Check out the great alternatives on this page, or contact us to speak with one of our sales advisors about similar products.

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Unfortunately the Roland 61 Key Combo Organ is no longer available. This page is here for reference. Check out the great alternatives on this page, or contact us to speak with one of our sales advisors about similar products.

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Roland 61 Key Combo Organ

The VK-8 Combo Organ puts the enhanced "Virtual ToneWheel" sound of the VK-77 in an attractively priced single-manual design with a cool "waterfall" style keyboard. But it doesn't stop there: The VK-8 also sports rotary speaker modeling based on COSM technology, new other tones and a D Beam controller-making it the leader in combo organs.

  • 61-note single manual combo organ with enhanced Virtual ToneWheel technology
  • Cool waterfall keyboard with velocity-sensitive keys plays like classic organs-great for glissandos
  • Sophisticated rotary speaker modeling with overdrive effect
  • Traditional panel layout: 9 harmonic bars, new Vibrato/Chorus knob and Percussion button
  • D Beam controller with Preset templates for more expressive performance
  • Varied orchestral tones for a wider sonic palette (e.g. piano, strings, choir, etc.)
  • Onboard reverb and chorus effects
  • 2 MIDI inputs for connecting a MIDI keyboard or optional PK-7 pedalboard-enjoy full polyphony while playing pedals and keys!
  • Authentic solid wood cabinet and vintage keys
Authentic Playability

It doesn't matter how good an organ sounds if playing it doesn't feel right. That's why Roland gave the VK-8 a true waterfall-style keyboard. These smooth-edged keys practically invite playing and sliding while their ultra-fast triggering makes them great for performing glissandos from soft to heavy and quick. And just like the classic organs that used this type of keyboard, the VK-8's 61 keys are ivory-colored for true authenticity.

Organ aficionados will feel right at home with the VK-8's panel layout as well. The familiar Vibrato/Chorus knob is located just as it was on the original. There's even a dedicated Percussion button! In fact, the entire panel of the VK-8 is modeled after traditional combo organs, making it easy to navigate during performance or change tones using the nine harmonic bars, conveniently placed to the left of the keyboard.

Enhanced Virtual ToneWheel Engine

At the heart of the VK-8 is a sound generator with Virtual ToneWheel Technology identical to the popular VK-77. This gives the VK-8 rich, warm tones with a choice of three tone wheel types—Vintage 1, Vintage 2 and Clean—which can be further adjusted using nine harmonic bars. Best of all, each of the VK-8's three parts (Upper, Lower and Pedal) are fully polyphonic.

Real Rotary Speaker Sounds!

But that's only half the story, since everyone knows that a rotary speaker is equally important. Thankfully, the VK-8 excels in this area as well, using proprietary COSM technology to "model" not only the unique sound of a rotary speaker, but the construction of its tube amp circuits, actual speaker cabinet characteristics and natural ambience. There's also a killer overdrive effect for those down and dirty rock organ sounds, or when you simply want some incredibly deep tones.

Taking the Organ Further...

The VK-8's impressive organ sounds are further complemented by a collection of high-quality instruments: everything from electric/acoustic pianos and strings to brass, choir, jazz scat voices and synths. There's also a futuristic D Beam controller, allowing players to create a range of effects during performance—from tone wheel motor stops and rotary speed control to the shock sound of spring reverb-using an infrared beam of light.

New to the VK-8 is Roland's Active Expression feature, for creating two types of crescendos using an optional expression pedal. For example, when playing organ sounds, Active Expression creates a swell starting with the higher harmonic bars and moving towards the lower bars. Alternatively, Active Expression can be used to slowly fade in an instrument tone while using an organ tone—creating a full, rich sound, hands-free.

Built for Performance

With two MIDI inputs, the VK-8 can be connected to an external keyboard for double-manual applications, and an optional PK-7 Pedalboard for "kicking" bass. An Expression Pedal input makes creating swells easy; it's also great for the aforementioned Active Expression feature. And when paired up with Roland's awesome-sounding KC-1000 Stereo Mixing Keyboard Amplifier, you get the best match for the VK-8's distinctive organ sounds thanks to ultra-realistic RSS and COSM cabinet reverberation.


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