Radial MC3 Passive Studio Monitor Controller

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Radial MC3 Passive Monitor Controller

The MC3ô monitor controller is a studio tool that enables you to take command of your monitor system, with the ability to quickly select between two sets of powered speakers and adjust signal levels, and additional control for headphones and a subwoofer.

Compact monitor switchingThe MC3 handles all of your studio monitor switching needs in a small footprint that easily fits on any desktop. Connect two sets of powered speaker and a subwoofer and easily select any combination, with a large master volume control for setting levels. A Dim switch lets you temporarily lower the speaker level without altering your main volume setting, and a Mono switch provides an easy way to check for phase compatibility. The MC3 features a passive audio circuit for clean and transparent audio, along with an active headphone amp to drive multiple sets of headphones and monitor silently when necessary.


  • Select between two sets of powered monitors in the studio
  • Passive straight-wire audio path for transparent audio
  • Convenient subwoofer control, Mono & Dim switches
  • Built-in headphone amplifier for silent monitoring
  • Dim: Used to reduce the playback level
  • Mono: Sums the left and right outputs to mono to test for AM compatibility and phase problems.
  • Sub: Separate on-off switch lets you activate the subwoofer separately.
  • Master: Used to set the overall output level going to the monitors.
  • Monitor Select: Used to select active monitors.
  • 3.5mm: Mini 1/8" TRS connector is designed to let you monitor your mix using earbuds.
  • Headphones: Dual output headphone jacks lets you share the mix with the producer.
  • Cable Clamp: Used to clamp down the power supply cabel for mobile installations.
  • Power: 15VDC power connection for the external power supply.
  • Outputs: Separate AUX and mono subwoofer outputs are available.
  • Monitor A&B: 1/4" TRS outputs used to feed the A and B monitor sets.
  • Source Input: 1/4" TRS inputs receive the left-right signal from your recording system.
  • Bookend Design: Creates protective zome around the switches and potentiometers to jeep them out of harms way.
  • Trim Controls: Separate set and forget trim controls on the top panel make it easy to adjust monitor settings for optimal balance.
  • 180? Reverse: Used to reverse the polarity of the subwoofer to counter the effects of room modes.
  • Powder Coat Finish: Keeps your MC3 looking good for years.


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