Panasonic PLENS08 Projector Lens - 0.8

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Panasonic PLENS08 Projector Lens - 0.8

This zoom lens is designed for use with Panasonic’s applicable projectors. The lens makes it possible to vary the projection distance by changing the focal distance.


  • F value: 1.85–2.20
  • Focal distance (f): 11.8 –14.6 mm
  • Throw ratio:
    • WUXGA 0.8-1.0:1 for PT-RZ970/RZ770/RZ660/DZ870/DZ780 (16:10 aspect ratio)
    • WXGA 0.8-1.0:1 for PT-RW930/RW730/RW620/DW830/DW750 (16:10 aspect ratio)
    • XGA 0.8-1.0:1 for PT-RX110/DX100/DX820 (4:3 aspect ratio)
  • Dimensions (W × H × D): 140 × 140 × 206 mm (5-1/2 × 5-1/2 × 8-1/8 inches )
  • Weight: Approx. 1.3 kg (2.9 lbs)
  • Applicable projector:
    • Group A: PT-DZ870K/DZ870LK/DZ870W/DZ870LW/DW830K/DW830LK/DW830W/DW830LW/ DX100K/DX100LK/DX100W/DX100LW
    • Group B: PT-DZ770K/DZ770LK/DZ770S/DZ770LS/DW740S/DW740LS/DW740K/DW740LK/ DW730S/DW730LS/DW730K/DW730LK/DX810S/DX810LS/DX810K/DX810LK/DX800S/ DX800LS/DX800K/DX800LK/DZ680K/DZ680LK/DZ680S/DZ680LS/DW640K/DW640LK/ DW640S/DW640LS/DX610K/DX610LK/DX610S/DX610LS/DZ6710/DZ6710L/DZ6700/ DZ6700L/DW6300S/DW6300LS/DW6300K/DW6300LK/D6000S/D6000LS/D6000K/ D6000LK/D5000S/D5000LS
    • Group C: PT-RZ970B/RZ970W/RZ970LB/RZ970LW/RW930B/RW930W/RW930LB/RW930LW/ RX110B/RX110W/RX110LB/RX110LW/RZ770B/RZ770W/RZ770LB/RZ770LW/ RW730B/RW730W/RW730LB/RW730LW/RZ660B/RZ660W/RZ660LB/RZ660LW/ RW620B/RW620W/RW620LB/RW620LW/RZ670B/RZ670W/RZ670LB/RZ670LW/ RW630B/RW630W/RW630LB/RW630LW
    • Group D: PT-DZ780/DZ780L/DW750/DW750L/DX820/DX820L


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