Dbx DriveRack PA2 Speaker & PA Management System

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Dbx DriveRack PA2 Speaker and PA Management System

As an audio professional, sound quality is of the utmost importance, and if sound quality is of the utmost importance to you, you owe it to yourself to invest in an all-in-one solution like the DriveRack PA 2.

The DriveRack PA 2 provides all the processing you need between your mixer and amplifiers to optimize and protect your loudspeakers. The DriveRack PA 2 continues the DriveRack legacy of high-fidelity, powerful, and economical loudspeaker management processors for yet another generation of audiophiles with the latest advancements in dbx's proprietary AutoEQ and AFS algorithms, a new input delay module for delaying the FOH system to the backline, Ethernet control via an Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows device, and updated Wizards.

The new and improved AutoEQ algorithm ensures an absurdly accurate, swift, and seamless automatic EQ experience. With the RTA Mic "listening" to your room, the updated DriveRack PA2 AutoEQ algorithm sets speaker levels and room EQ automatically in a matter of seconds, saving you a whole lot of effort and foregoing any need to subject the audience to mindnumbing pink noise.

Enhanced AFS Feedback Elimination

An Enhanced AFS algorithm was developed and utilized in the DriveRack PA 2 for faster, more precise feedback elimination, without negatively impacting your system's tone. Getting feedback is one of the quickest ways to bring the vibe to a screeching halt for your audience. Fortunately, dbx engineers have revisited their already-stellar Advanced Feedback Suppression algorithm and made it work even better. The DriveRack PA 2 listens for and anticipates feedback, and once detected, adjusts speaker output automatically before the unwanted screeching has a chance to pierce the eardrums of audience members.

Updated Wizard Setup Functions

Updated Wizards make initial set up a breeze, while ensuring speaker tunings and other settings are up-to-date. Wizard functions on the DriveRack PA 2 guide you through easy, step-by-step processes to help you get the most from your loudspeaker system. The Wizards can help you do it all, from easily configuring your level balance, AutoEQ, and Advanced Feedback Suppression, to providing access to built-in and constantly updating speaker tunings from most major speaker manufacturers.

  • All New Setup Wizard
  • Streamlined AutoEQ
  • All New AFS (Advanced Feedback Suppression)
  • Mobile Control (Android, iOS, Mac, Windows)
  • dbx Compression
  • Graphic EQ
  • 8-Band Parametric EQ (adjusted when using the AutoEQ) Input
  • Subharmonic Synthesis
  • Crossover (supports full range, 2-way, and 3-way systems)
  • 8-Band Parametric EQs (used for speaker tunings) Output
  • dbx Limiting
  • Driver Alignment Delays
  • Size: 1.75" (H) x 5.75" (D) x 19" (W), 4.4cm (H) x 14.6cm (D) x 48.26cm (W)
  • Weight: 5.25 lbs. (2.4 kg)


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