Chauvet DJ ILS Introduction & Overview

Chauvet DJ ILS Introduction & Overview

Chauvet DJ Introduces ILS to PSSL

Chauvet DJ stopped by PSSL to introduce their new ILS technology in their new ILS series products. ILS (Integrated Lighting System) is a new lighting protocol that allows users to create coordinated, wireless light shows across unlimited ILS fixtures at the push of a button. Auto sync allows you to ditch the DMX cables and bulky lighting controllers so you can create on the fly easy and spectacular lighting shows. ILS allows you to focus on the vibe and not on the tech when using ILS fixtures together you can sync and create with ease. Check out some highlighted ILS products below or view the entire line and start shopping today by clicking here.



Up lighting and washes are the backbone of any lighting event and with the new ILS SlimPARS are providing new flexibility in lighting design by giving you the freedom to create an experience quickly. Wash lighting is the quickest and most impactful way to set the vibe in a room.




SlimPAR Q12 ILS 


The LED Shadow 2 boasts a radiant cooling design that allows it to exceed in sound-sensitive environments. With 18x3-watt LED blacklights driving the fixture output is not a worry as the 54 total watts can make any design pop with UV light.

Chauvet DJ Swarm FX ILS

The Swarm Wash FX ILS and Swarm 5 FX ILS both boast the ILS technology and are central fixture to building a great party vibe. The Swarm wash also includes RGB+UV wash an addition that the Swarm 5 FX does not have making it a more feature rich option. The Swarm 5 FX ILS is still a fantastic product and if you only need the excitement of a party light without the diversity of the RGB+UV wash you will not be disappointed by the feature set.  


Swarm 5 FX ILS

Swarm Wash FX ILS



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